PROGRAM 2018–2019

Meetings are usually held on the third Thursday of the month. Coffee is served at 9:15 AM. The business meeting begins promptly at 9:45 AM. The program begins at 10:00 AM. Club meetings are open to the Provisionals, waiting list, guests and the public unless noted. The Annual Meeting begins at 11:00 AM at the Weston Golf Club.

September 20, 2018

Program:                  “Pleasure Grounds:  Public Gardens Close to Home” by Gail Anderson

Come on an armchair tour of public gardens north of Boston – gardens with important history and significant horticultural elements. Meet vicariously the ladies and gentlemen who created these gardens, including the editor/owner of the Atlantic Monthly magazine, a nephew of Isabella Stuart Gardener, and a former governor of Massachusetts.  Hear about the efforts to restore these landscapes.   

                                  Thrall Bowl Competition 


Location:                   First Parish Church

Hostess:                    Mitzi Kiung     

Co-hostesses:            Christina Glen               Robin Reisman

                                Lisa Greenberg              Kitty Smith

                                Helen Kondi                   Ginia Ziobro

                                Jean Lippincott     


October 11, 2018   Design Workshop/Demonstration

9:30 A.M.               Join Jessica Pohl and Trish Scozzafava to prepare for the November Sweet Tray


Location:                 St.Peter’s Church


October 18, 2018

Program:                “History of Growing and Selling Dahlias by Thomas Mickey

This talk will discuss how European plant hunters found the dahlia in Mexico almost three hundred years ago, how gardeners loved it, about “dahlia mania”, and how nineteenth century American nurseries began selling the dahlia as the ideal fall flower.(

Location:                First Parish Church

Hostess:                 Cathy Konover

Co-hostesses:         Barbie Cobb                    Pam Riffin

                             Elizabeth Eaton               Elizabeth Soares

                             Darcy Lettieri                  Marsha Tucker

                             Tilda Mitsakos                 Molly Varnau


November 8, 2018   Workshop/ Demonstration "Picture Your Succulents: Making a Living Wall"

9:30 A.M.            Members Yuko Kojima and Cynthia Chapra will demonstrate how to create a vertical garden in a shadow box using succulents - in preparation for the February Thrall Bowl competition.

Location:                 Molly Varnau’s house, 26 Whispering Lane

November 15, 2018

Program :               “Creative Floral Design Demonstration” by Andrea Little

You will be delighted and inspired by the creations of this state and national award-winning floral arranger.    She has exhibited and judged flower shows throughout Massachusetts and Florida, in addition to the Newport Flower Show.  Opportunity drawing.

                                Sweet Tray Competition

Location:                 First Parish Church

Hostess:                  Lynn Taff

Co-hostesses:          Marilyn Doyle                    Linda Kattef

                              Pam Fox                            Marcy Lee

                              Deirdre Gollup                   Ellen Touart-Grob

                              Linda Harding                    Jean Zhou

                              Beth Jakubowski       


December 6, 2018

Program:                Greens Day starts at 9 AM    


Cutting dates: Monday 11/26, 9:30-11:00 am,

                        Tuesday 11/27, 9:30-11;00am,

                        Friday 11/30,  10:00 am- lunch to follow at Ginia Ziobro’s house 80 Bradford Street                                                                                  

Location:                 St. Peter’s Church

Hostess:                  Sue Zacharias

Co-hostesses:          Alison Barlow              Adrian Proll           

                              Sara Ko                      Kathy Rousseau      

                              Jean Noonan               Joan Wilson

                              Jessica Pohl



January 24, 2019

Program:    Charles River Watershed Associations Blue Cities Initiative by Pallavi Mande

This presentation will highlight how the Blue Cities Initiative is helping build resiliency to climate change in our urban communities across the watershed. In addition to design and planning, the  Initiative includes advocacy as well as public education and outreach efforts around green infrastructure.      (

                              Joint Meeting with Provisional Group of WGC

Location:                 First Parish Church

Hostess:                  Jean Arturi

Co-hostesses:          Cynthia Chapra        Victoria Huber            Claudia Krimsky   

 Provisional Co-Hostesses:  

       Dana Christensen    Robin Ewald  Angela Kakabeeke


February 14, 2019

Program:             Cooking and Gardening with Herbs” by Liz Barbour

This presentation by a professional chef and gardener will take you on a  tour through her cottage-sized edible  gardens and explore all the ways you can use herbs as part of an edible landscape.  She will create two healthy recipes using herb combinations that you can purchase and grow in your own garden.    (

                              Thrall Bowl Competition

Location:                 First Parish Church

Hostess:                  Sue Iodice

Co-hostesses:          Nancy Bates               Maggie Gill

                              Dana Buchbinder         Rebecca Kano

                              Beverly Dillaway          Yuko Kojima   


March 21, 2019

Program:                 “Taming The Early Season Bloomers  by Jen Kettell

Once spring-blooming shrubs have flowered, we need to assess and complete any pruning before next year’s flower buds develop.  This presentation will focus your attention on the kinds of shrubs that should be pruned midsummer, demonstrate proper pruning technique, and discuss the types of thinning cuts that will encourage healthy, vibrant blooms for years to come.  (

Location:                 First Parish Church

Hostess:                  Cheryll-Anne Lane

Co-hostesses:          Carolyn Corbe            Holly Kulow

                               Joyce Frank               Mary Ann Pappanikou             

                               Barbara Keller            Trish Scozzafava


April 9, 2019          Design Workshop / Demonstration

9:30 AM                 Join Mary Ann Pappanikou & Ann Billings to prepare for the May Sweet Tray       Competition.

Location:                St. Peter’s Church


April 11, 2019        Joint Meeting of the Weston Garden Clubs

Program:           COG design and the Importance of Urban Green Space by Jennifer Kimball

For over 20 years, Community Outreach Group for Landscape Design has provided pro bono landscape design services to under-resourced community groups in greater Boston.  They match landscape designers and architects to community groups who then work closely together to create beautiful, sustainable, green spaces which meet neighborhood needs.  All of this work stems from the strong belief that having access to nature is healing and beneficial to the body and spirit, as well as the surrounding  community.  (

Location:           First Parish Church 

Hostess:  Community League Garden Club

May 2, 2019        Annual Meeting

Program:           “Lessons from the Garden: What Native Plants have Taught Me" by Claudia Thompson

This presenter founded Grow Native Massachusetts in 2010 with a conviction that the wise stewardship of our lands begins at home, and that our future rests upon a 21st century attitude toward conservation that embraces human activity as integral to our ecosystem.  She will share the principles for designing landscapes that are places of both beauty and biodiversity, and how best to create habitat for birds, butterflies, and wildlife.  The presentation will include tips for sourcing native plants and connect you to many valuable resources for continued learning.  (

Sweet Tray Competition - In place by 9:15 am

Thrall Bowl Competition - In place by 9:30 am

Location:            Weston Golf Club

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