PROGRAM 2021 - 2022

All meetings will be at the First Parish Church unless otherwise noted. Coffee will be served at 9:15 AM, followed by the business meeting, beginning promptly at 9:45 AM.  The program begins at 10:00 AM. Club meetings are open to the Provisionals, waiting list and guests.  The public is invited unless noted. The Annual Meeting begins at 11:00 AM at the Weston Golf Club and is open only to members and the Provisional club.

September 9, 2021 

                           Horticulture Workshop:  “Propagate Plants from Cuttings”

10:00 AM            Please join Yuko Kojima and Elizabeth Soares to learn how to create new plants from cuttings.  This workshop will help you prepare for the February and May Thrall Bowl competitions. 

Location:             Cynthia Chapra’s Garden

September 23, 2021

Program:            Wicked Weeds by Karen O’Brien

                           Of “The Green Woman’s Garden.”  Karen has gardened for more than 30 years and is a certified Master Gardener. Herbs are her special interest, and we will take a look at some of these as well as some pernicious plants.                 Not all plants are benign. Some are deadly. Others are associated with spells and the black arts. Some are just downright nasty to the touch with spines and irritants. And then there are those that bedevil us gardeners. We will get to know them a bit better!

                           Thrall Bowl Competition

Location:            First Parish Church

Hostess:              Carolyn Ellis

Co-hostesses:      Priscilla Claman               Melinda Constable

                           Beanie Marvel                  Lisa Greenberg

                           Mitzi Kiung


October 14, 2021

Program:            House Plants by Design by Tovah Martin

                           A professional house plant coach, author and lecturer. Also recipient of the highest award for literary achievement of the Connecticut Horticultural Society.

                           Your Houseplants can be so much more than the green blob in the corner. Learn about design and how it relates to houseplants, how to pair and profile them to work with your d├ęcor (including containers) and how to be a good host and care for them so they work for you in all types of home situations.

Location:            First Parish Church

Hostess:              Heather Mahoney

Co-hostesses:      Iva Brown                         Katie Phaneuf

                           Cynthia Chapra                Barbara Keller

                           Cathy Konover                  Tilda Mitsakos

October 21, 2021

                           Design Workshop – Getting Ready for your Walk                        in the Woods

10:30 AM            Please join Cynthia Chapra and Regina Hajjar to make the base/container out of a log or branch for the November Sweet Tray competition. 

Location:             Cynthia Chapra’s Basement

November 18, 2021

Program:            Through the Holidays by Thelma Shoneman

                           Nationally accredited flower show judge (master status), Director of Floral Concerns for the Acton GC for 20 years, teacher of the Sogetsu School of Ikebana, MFA Art in Bloom exhibitor for 22 years, and retired flower shop owner.

                           This design/demonstration will feature six designs to create for the holidays, fall and winter. Including tips on how to change them so they can be used throughout the holidays. Starting with a Front Door piece, on to the Hallway, into the Dining room, Living room, Family room and finally, the Kitchen! Opportunity drawing to follow the demonstration.

                           Sweet Tray Competition

Location:            First Parish Church

Hostess:              Elizabeth Eaton

Co-hostesses:      Nancy Bates                      Helen Kondi    

                           Victoria Huber                  Beth Jakubowski

                           Mary Ann Pappanikou      Cheryll-Anne Lane

December 2, 2021

Program:            Greens Day starts at 9 AM          

Location:            St. Peter’s Church

Hostess:              Aruna Joglekar

Co-hostesses:      Joan Wilson                      Sue Zacharias

                           Elaine Duffy Huber           Adrian Proll

                           Kathleen Rousseau           Robin Reisman

                           Mary Ann Riordan

January 20, 2022

Program:            Estates and Estate Gardens in Weston by Pam Fox.

                           Weston Garden Club’s own Pam Fox, published author, consultant to the Town of Weston Historical Commission, active on many Town committees and president of the Weston Historical Society since 2005.

                           Weston was once dubbed “The Lenox of the East” noted for its large estates, outstanding landscapes and sophisticated gardens. Evidence of these places still exist in Weston. With photographs, site plans and plant lists, take a tour back through time. Be connected to the heritage that you carry on today with your own gardens and landscapes.

Location:             First Parish Church

Hostess:              Ellen Touart-Grob

Co-hostesses:      Annette Somers                 Michelle Deng

                           Claudia Krimsky               Holly Kulow

                           Jean Zhou                         Ginia Ziobro

February 17, 2022

Program:            The Botany of Beverages by Michele Fronk Schuckel. Certified Master Gardener, designer, speaker, practicing RN, and entrepreneur focused on wellness and healthy living. Owner of and principal designer of the Natural Selections Gardens, and an active member of the Provisional Garden Club of Weston.

                           Have you ever considered the horticultural origins of your favorite spirits? We shall learn how roots, leaves, stalks and flowers are made into alcohol and other  adult beverage augmentations.

                           Thrall Bowl Competition

Location:             First Parish Church

Hostess:              Lisa Howe

Co-hostesses       Pam Fox                           Kitty Smith

                           Dee Freiberg                    Rebecca Kano

                           Sara Ko

March 17, 2022

Program:            Gardening is Murder by Neal Sanders.

                           Author, gardening philosopher and humorist and Principal undergardener for his well-known gardening wife, Betty Sanders. Let’s hear about the Spouse’s point of view of gardening. We shall leave this light hearted and insightful lecture with a better understanding of what goes on in the mind of our “helpmates” as well as lots of insight about gardening in general.

Location:            First Parish Church

Hostess:              Trish Scozzafava

Co-hostesses:      Yuko Kojima                     Jessica Pohl

                           Molly Varnau                   Marsha Tucker

                           Ellen Wu

April 12, 2022    

                           Design Workshop

10:00 AM            Please join Jessica Pohl and Trish Scozzafava to prepare for the May Sweet Tray Competition, “Hats in Bloom.”  You will learn how to create a fresh floral design on a hat.  Think Kentucky Derby, Churchill Downs, Queen’s Garden Party.  Participant should bring a hat of her choice to decorate.

Location:            To be announced

April 14, 2022

Program:            Our Grandmothers Knew What They Were Doing

                            by Laura Bibler.

                           Landscape designer since 1997 for private homes and historic estates, Laura holds multiple positions on the Boards of the Garden Club Federation of MA as well as the Trustees of Reservations.

                           If you had a Grandmother who showed you about gardening and told you all the little secrets, you were very lucky. If you didn’t, Laura will bring to life the design approach and sage advice of early 20th C. women gardeners. Their pearls of wisdom continue to inform us on many aspects of gardening today.

Location:            First Parish Church

Hostess:              Elizabeth Soares

Co-hostesses:      Antonella Walker              Joyce Frank

                           Linda Gillooly                  Linda Harding

                           Karen Morris                    Lynn Taff

May 5, 2022       Annual Meeting     11:00 AM

Program:            Starving for Darkness by Jane Slade.

                           Lighting educator and researcher at Anatomy of Night, Jane is a teacher in the ways that our modern lighting negatively impacts the life of humans, of wildlife and the interdependence of this upon our ecosystems.

                           Since the industrial revolution and the invention of the electric light bulb the Earth spends more time each year bathed in artificial light. You will learn about the history of light pollution, what is being done now that humans are aware of the problem, and what may be the future in curbing this growing problem. The big difference in light pollution compared to other forms is that a simple turning off of a light stops it.

                           Sweet Tray Competition - Entries in place by 9:15 AM

                           Thrall Bowl Competition - Entries in place by 9:30 AM

Location:            Weston Golf Club


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