PROGRAM 2019–2020

Meetings are usually held on the third Thursday of the month. Coffee is served at 9:15 AM. The business meeting begins promptly at 9:45 AM. The program begins at 10:00 AM. Club meetings are open to the Provisionals, waiting list, guests and the public unless noted. The Annual Meeting begins at 11:00 AM at the Weston Golf Club.

September 19, 2019

Program:            “The Pollinator Garden & Butterfly Film"

                                by Kim Smith

                           Following the rhythm of the seasons, celebrated landscape designer Kim Smith will present a stunning slide show and lecture demonstrating how to create a welcoming haven for bees, birds, butterflies and other wildlife.  Native plants and examples of organic and architectural features will be discussed. Ms. Smith will also share a short film on the life story of the Monarch Butterfly, the state of butterfly migration and why they are in sharp decline.  She will also discuss the positive steps we can take to help the species recover from habitat loss and climate change.

                           Thrall Bowl Competition

Location:            First Parish Church

Hostess:              Lisa Howe

Co-hostesses       Mary Ann Pappanikou      Dee Freiberg

                           Elizabeth Eaton                Mitzi Kiung    

                           Cathy Konover                 Kitty Smith    

                           Robin Reisman                 Marsha Tucker

Provisional Co-hostesses:                            Michele Schuckel                          

                           Kirsten Schena                  Robin Ewald

October 17, 2019

Program:            "Native Plants for New England Gardens”

                                 by Dan Jaffe

                           “Few things reflect the unique character of New England like its native plants,” writes photographer and author Dan Jaffe.  Mr. Jaffe will share beautiful photos and his knowledge about native plants and their fundamental role in our urban and suburban ecosystems. He will discuss how using more of them in our gardens can help keep our environment healthy and celebrate the charm of New England.

Location:            First Parish Church

Hostess:              Barbara Keller

Co-hostesses:      Dana Buchbinder              Beverly Dillaway

                           Chay Veeder                     Darcy Lettieri

                           Elizabeth Soares               Pam Fox

                           Barbara Cobb

October 24, 2019,  Design Workshop/Demonstration

Organic Delights

9:30 A.M.           Please join  Cynthia Chapra  and Carolyn Ellis to                                                 prepare for  the November Sweet Tray Competition,                     “Organic Delight.”

Location:             St. Peter’s Church

November 5, 2019, Workshop/Demonstration


9:30 A.M.           ‘Kokedama’ is a centuries-old Japanese form of bonsai. ‘Koke’ means ‘moss,’ and ‘dama’ means ‘ball. So, moss ball.  Cynthia Chapra and Jessica Pohl will lead us in the process of making our own Kokedama in                                          preparation for the February Thrall Bowl competition. This moss ball will contain a plant and be      wrapped with string or wire to hold it together.  Fun and easy! There will be a small

                           charge for this workshop. (

Location: Cynthia Chapra’s basement, 138 Newton St.

November 21, 2019

Program :           “Holiday Floral Design” by Lisa Oberholzer-Gee

                           With a floral certificate of design from Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania, Ms. Oberholzer-Gee started a floral business in Cambridge designing for events and weddings. Ms. Oberholzer-Gee will design three holiday-inspired arrangements that will be available for the opportunity drawing to be held at the end of the program.

                           Sweet Tray Competition

Location:             First Parish Church

Hostess:              Nancy Bates

Co-hostesses:      Lisa Greenberg                 Heather Mahoney

                           Jean Zhou                         Helen Kondi

                           Laura Keery

Provisional Co-Hostesses:                           Michele Schuckel

                           Kirsten Schena                     Robin Ewald

December 5, 2019

Program:            Greens Day starts at 9 AM          

                           Cutting dates:                    Monday 11/18 10 am - 12 pm

                                                                    Wednesday 11/20, 1 - 3 pm

                                                                    Friday 11/22, 10 am - 12 pm

                                                                     (lunch to follow)

                           Rain date:                         Monday 11/25, 10 am - 12 pm

Location:            St. Peter’s Church

Hostess:              Joan Wilson

Co-hostesses:      Adrian Proll                      Sara Ko

                           Kathleen Rousseau           Molly Varnau

                           Ginia Ziobro                     Alison Barlow

                           Annette Somers                Jean Lippincott

January 16, 2020

Program:            “The Garden Tourist” by Jana Milbocker

                           Ms. Milbocker is a garden designer and owner of Enchanted Gardens, a landscape design and installation firm in Holliston.  She is the past president of Holliston Garden Club and is active in the GCFM as well as other horticultural societies.  Ms. Milbocker’s presentation will include a slide presentation and discussion of her book, The Garden Tourist: 120 Destinations Gardens and Nurseries in the Northeast.

Location:             First Parish Church

Hostess:              Jean Noonan

Co-hostesses:      Holly Kulow                     Victoria Huber

                           Claudia Krimsky               Regina Hajjar

                           Ellen Touart-Grob            Melinda Constable

February 27, 2020

Program:            Gardening for Winter Interest”

                                 by Warren Leach

                           Warren Leach is owner of Tranquil Lake Nursery in Rehoboth, MA and a prominent grower of daylilies, iris and distinctive perennials and woody plants.  He will share photos to demonstrate how to prepare our suburban spaces during the growing season to enhance the beauty of the garden during winter months.

                           Thrall Bowl Competition

Location:             First Parish Church

Hostess:              Yuko Kojima

Co-hostesses       Cynthia Chapra                 Sue Iodice

                           Priscilla Claman               John Skillman

                           Carolyn Corbe                  Cheryll-Anne Lane

March 19, 2020

Program:            “The Blue Garden: Recapturing an Iconic                               Newport Landscape by Sarah Vance

                           We will be treated to the story of the Blue Garden, designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr. from 1910-1915 for Arthur Curtiss and Harriet Parsons James, for their Newport estate. It includes a video of the history of the original design and the painstaking process to resurrect the once-celebrated Blue Garden that had been subdivided and subsumed under a thick covering of invasive trees and vines. (

Location:            First Parish Church

Hostess:              Pam Riffin

Co-hostesses:      Wendy Deng                     Joyce Frank

                           Chris Martin                     Ann Billings

                           Katie Phaneuf                   Trish Scozzafava

March 26, 2020 Design Workshop Demonstration 

9:30. A.M.          Please join Ann Billings and Trish Scozzafava to prepare for the May Sweet Tray Competition, “Hats in Bloom.”

Location:             St. Peter’s Church

April 16, 2020     Joint Meeting of the Weston Garden Clubs

Program:            TBD by The Country Garden Club

Location:            First Parish Church

Hostess:              Lynn Taff

Co-Hostesses:     Dierdre Gollop                  Linda Harding

                           Karen Morris                    Robin Reisman

                           Tilda Mitsakos                  Rebecca Kano

                           Jessica Pohl

May 7, 2020       Annual Meeting     11:00 AM

Program:            "Backyard Entomology: Who’s Who in Your

                                Garden’s Ecosystem" by Pam Gilpin

                           Ms. Gilpin is a Rhode Island certified horticulturalist and has served as an estate gardener over the past 29 years.  She will present an informative photo essay accompanied by a discussion about the insects that can be seen in our gardens and their importance to the ecosystem. She will share how to provide the right habitat to help sustain the pollinators, predators and recyclers in our gardens. 

                           Sweet Tray Competition – In place by 9:15 am

                           Thrall Bowl Competition – In place by 9:30 am

Location:            Weston Golf Club

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