Civic Development Committee

Enhances the appearance of Weston Town Center with plantings and plant care. Designs, installs and maintains plantings in the Watering Trough, and the Fiske Triangle for year-round beauty.

Conservation Committee

Responsible for the education of our members regarding the environment and implementation of conservation practices locally and globally. Maintains the Forbes Land conservation area.

Design Committee

Teaches the principles of floral design through workshops and clinics; encourages growth

through two judged competitions each year, leading to the Sweet Tray winner.

Finance Committee

Horticulture Committee

Encourages members to showcase their growing talents by holding three judged competitions each year, leading to the Thrall Bowl winner. Holds workshops to further the horticultural skill of members.

Hospitality Committee

Coordinates refreshments at all club meetings. Plans Annual Meeting. 

All active members expected to participate.

Landscape Design Committee

Provides resources to WGC members  to improve skills and knowledge, which may include garden visits, workshops, and projects. May collaborate with Town or Civic Committee as requested to provide landscape planning advice. Designs, installs and maintains plantings in the Native Plant Garden at Town Hall.

Membership Committee

Encourages club members to be active sponsors of prospective members. Receives membership applications and reviews member- ship requirements with prospective members. Presents new member application to the Board and subsequently, the Membership at the next general meeting. Integrates new members into the club and periodically hosts a welcome tea to familiarize new members with the work of each committee. Greets members at monthly meetings and delivers name tags, guest book and attendance board to those meetings.  As needed, process changes of status for existing members.

Nominating Committee

Solicits and selects members for officers, directors, three members of the nominating committee and Green's Day Chairman.  It is the duty of the nominating committee to submit the list of nominations to the general membership prior to the annual meeting.

Program Committee

Plans the programs for the eight general meetings including pre-viewing speakers, coordinating and booking presenters with signed contracts, and introducing the program at the meetings.

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