Civic Development Committee

Enhances the appearance of Weston Town Center with plantings and plant care. Designs, installs and maintains plantings in the Watering Trough, and the Fiske Triangle for year-round beauty.

Chair: Holly Kulow

Co-Chair: Vicky Huber

Michelle Deng                     Elizabeth Eaton              Lisa Greenberg

Linda Harding                     Sue Iodice                      Yuko Kojima                               

Cathy Konover                    Claudia Krimsky            Marcy Lee

Darcy Lettieri                      Jean Lippincott               Heather Mahoney                             

MaryAnn Riordan               Annette Somers              Ginia Ziobro

Summer Watering Protocol

1. Our task is to take care of the Trough, and the Fiske Triangle (the traffic island at Concord Road and Boston Post Road). Please keep them well-hydrated and well-shaped (the Trough needs five to eight gallons of water each time).  Depending on the precipitation and temperature,  they may need to be watered several times each week. Please do the deadheading also.


2. You are paired with another Garden Club member - please plan with her/him how you will together accomplish the watering and deadheading during your week. 

 3. Please bring several big containers, scissors, trowel and garden gloves. There is no water access to the Trough.  For the Fiske Triangle, you may find  town water hoses (it is across the street to the west behind the wall).


4. If for some reason you cannot do the watering for the week PLEASE be responsible for getting your own sub.  Call someone else on the list and trade watering weeks with her/him.

5.  I will email 
you a week before your scheduled watering week as a reminder.

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