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For guidelines for forcing branches, see Committees-Horticulture


Upcoming events

03 May 2014 8:00 AM • The Weston Scout House 86 School Street Weston
08 May 2014 8:00 AM • Check yearbook
08 May 2014 8:00 AM • check yearbook


Gardening Tips

Sow seeds indoors of annuals needing 4-6 weeks to mature before going outdoors... You'll have bigger and more blooms next year if you fertilize spring-flowering bulbs with Bulb-Tone as soon as they finish blooming... In late April, lift and divide roots of last year's garden mums... Remove tired-looking stems from hellebores, allowing flowers to remain... Deer graze on emerging daylily foliage - spray with Deer-Off... Prune roses before buds break... Early spring is a good time to plant summer- and fall-blooming trees; this gives time for root growth, necessary for taking up water to survive the summer.

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