Spring is Here!
Garden Club Members and Friends,

Spring is truly on its way!  Our thermometers have finally gone above 32 and the snow has begun to melt.
We will be in our gardens in a very short time.  So start planting your seeds to get a jump on the season.

Our club took 3rd place in the Club Competition at the Flower Show this week.  Congratulations team!  Thank you for your contributions to the Club.  Team Leader- Carolyn Ellis, Jessica Pohl, Cheryll-Anne Lane, Cynthia Chapra Deirdre Gollop, Lynn Taff, Elizabeth Eaton, Susan DiMartino, Marsha Tucker.

Cheryll-Anne Lane & Carolyn Ellis are preparing for Art in Bloom next month at the MFA.  Please plan on joining fellow members for a day at the museum.

Dee Freiberg



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This month is your opportunity to think about your garden.  Look through your gardening books and magazines for inspiration.  What have you always wanted to do?  What's new?  What didn't work last year?  What did? Take advantage of this precious time!  Shortly you will be back in the dirt!

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