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Adrian Proll

Dear Garden Club Friends,

With great sadness, I acknowledge that summer is over.  Once again, I did not achieve all the goals I had for my garden this summer.  Nonetheless, my special place is beautiful and I will be hard at work there until the weather gets too cold.  Fear not, I am getting back in garden club mode and will work hard to make our 2018-2019 fun and productive.

Many of our garden club members have been quite busy this summer on our behalf.  I would like to thank Laura Keery for all the hard work she put into compiling, formatting, printing and sending out our new Year Book.  Many thanks to all our members who cared for the trough, Fiske Triangle and our native plant garden.  

In early June, our garden club received 4 awards at the GCFM annual meeting.  We received the Virginia Thurston Landscape Design Award and the Laverne B. Collard Wildflower Award for designing, installing and maintaining a Native Plant Garden at the Weston Town Hall.  We also received the Mildred S. Parker Conservation Award and Conservation - Open Spaces Award for the extensive revitalization project at the Forbes Land. Thanks to Robin Reisman and Molly Varnau respectively for all their hard work on the applications.

A number of our members also contributed their design talents to the Gore Place fund raising flower show, "Be Inspired", in June.  Six members contributed 4 of the 15 arrangements to the show.  Two of those arrangements tied for 2nd place and one received the Member's Choice award.  Carolyn Ellis wrote an great article for the Weston Town Crier to cover the event.

We have a wonderful year ahead of us.  Sept. 20th is our first meeting and hort competition.  We have one fundraiser "Spring Bulb Sale" ending soon and 3 more (Cynthia's Plant Adoption, Prosecco Under the Maple Tree Party and The Provisional "UMass Garden Calendar Sale" starting soon.  We also have our first field trip on October 2nd and 3rd to visit beautiful places in the Berkshires.  I hope you will participate in all of them.

Please come back frequently as the website has great information which is easily accessible, we have photos to inspire you and a means to contact your garden club friends. See you soon.


Cynthia Chapra

Queen and President

 The Weston Garden Club, as an  organization, respects the  individual political viewpoints of  all members and encourages  members to take an active  interest in town politics.  The  Club does not promote one  viewpoint or take a position in  any political debate.  We do  support becoming educated  about issues facing our town and  voting as each member chooses.

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