Spring is here! Get out into your gardens and clip for this weeks competitions.


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Gardening Tips

Don't plant annuals or vegetables until all danger of frost is past (generally the end of the month)…Remove tulip foliage when it has yellowed halfway down and fertilize…Repot houseplants to ready them for outdoors next month (and use them in window boxes and planters!)…Shear back candytuft and other low-sprawling perennials to keep them bushy…Pinch back about half of the crowns of bee balm, shasta daisies and phlox to spread flowering time…If leafminers appear on columbine foliage, remove affected leaves…Prune forsythia and lilac after blooming by taking older branches out to ground level…Spray hemlocks with horticultural oil… Prune evergreens before active growth...Begin composting kitchen scraps.

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